Welcome to Saraswata Mahavidyalaya Anantapur Soro,Balasore,Odisha.
  • Ladies Hostel

    The College has one Ladies Hostel named Saraswata Chhatri Nibas which has been functioning since 2005-2006. The college cannot provided hostel accommodation to all the girls students in view of the limited number of seats i.e. only 30. The principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the hostel.
    Hostel Rules:
    1. Application for admission to the Hostel duly filled in and signed by the student and their natural guardians will be made to the Principal after completion of E-admission and proper notification by the principal.
    2. Seats will be allotted by the superintendent on merit basis Priority should be given to the students belonging to SC/ST and meritorious ones.
    3. One passport size photo of each of the boarders, parents /local guardian must be submitted at the time of hostel admission.
    4. Hostel admission is for one academic year only.
    5. A student who is admitted to the hostel must abide by the hostel rules issued by the principal from time to time.
    6. No boarder shall go out of the Hostel without the prior permission from the superintendent. Normally they will be allowed to go out in groups or as decided by the hostel superintendent.
    7. No boarder shall leave the hostel without the permission of the superintendent. A clearance certificate must be submitted by the boarder at the time of leaving the hostel.
    8. When a boarder goes out of the Hostel, she will fill in the outgoing Register mentioning the reason and the time duration of her absence.
    9. All boarders should be in the hostel from 6pm to 6am absence from the Hostel during these hours without the prior permission of the superintendent will be seriously viewed.
    10. Attendance in the Hostel will be marked at 7am and 7pm daily.
    11. The authorized visitors are allowed to visit their wards between 6am. To 5pm.The authorized visitors means the parents or the natural guardian of a boarder. The no of authorized visitors would not exceeds two visitors should be received in the visitors room only. The time of meeting should not exceeded half an hour.
    12. The Hostel gate most be locked up at 7pm every day and shall not be opened without the permission of the suptt.
    13. No boarder shall be allowed to leave Hostel without a letter or telephonic message to the suptt. From the parents or natural guardian. Normally no boarder will be permitted to go home during the working days.
    14. No guests are allowed to stay in the hostel.
    15. No boarder will be allowed to go home either alone or with escort in between 6pm to 6am except parents.
    16. One leave register should be maintained and the boarders will have to follow it as instructed by the superintendent.
    17. Boarders are not normally allowed to stay in the hostel during the vacations. Under special circumstances like examination purpose they may be permitted to stay.
    18. The superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the hostel. She has also the power to take action for breach of discipline. Any cases of gross misconduct of a boarder must be reported to the principal.
    19. Breach of discipline are-
    20. Absence from hostel without the prior permission of the superintendent in writing.
    21. Continuous negligence of study.
    22. Too loud and noisy beheviour.
    23. Disfiguring the wall, door, windows, chair table cut etc.
    24. Misconduct of any other kind.
    25. A boarder may be removed from the Hostel on the report of the superintendent for habitual of gross misconduct.
    26. Use of hitters, extra fans, emortion-rud, stove iron, loudspeaker, cell-phones etc are strictly prohibited.
    27. In case of damage of electric installation and water supply fitting, the boarders shall be jointly responsible.
    28. The boarders are required to switch up the lights, fans and bolt/lock the windows, doors properly during their absences.
    29. The superintendent is required to conduct Annual checkup of the stock of the hostel properly. The same annual report will be submitted to the principal on every summer vacation.
    30. The boards are to maintain silence during the study hours.
    31. Any kind of tobacco, drugs, pan are totally prohibited.
    32. Boarders are not permitted to take any direct action against any hostel workers. All complains should be brought to the notice of the superintendent.
    33. The following registers in the hostel are to be maintained.
    34. Admission register
    35. Attendance register
    36. Visitors book
    37. Movement register
    38. Long roll register
    39. Stock register
    40. Outgoing register
    41. Boarders complain registar
    42. The hostel mess is controlled by the superintendent and managed by the mess committee. The mess committee will be framed by the hostel superintendent. The mess committee is responsible for the quality of food preparation in the mess and they are to guide the mess manager in connection with the quality of ration to be supplied.
    43. The mess provides only two meals. All boarder will get one type of food. No special arrangement is made for any individual boarder. However, seek diet can be provided after taking due approval from the superintendent.
    44. If a boarder does not want to have her meal she must informed the manage at least twelve hour before the meal time.
    45. Monthly messing charges may be charged during the session depending upon the market price.
    46. Borders are not allowed to fill up their CHSE or University forms unless getting clearance form the hostel superintendent.
    47. The session from June to May is divided into two terms i.e. 1st June to 30th Nov. & 1st Dec to 31st May. A student getting admission to the college hostel in any term will have to pay establishment charges from 1st June to 31st May.
    A boarder is required to pay her food advance for the month by the 7th of each month and also adjust her accounts for the previous month, failing which her meals will be stopped from 8th day of the month till she pays her dues. In case of married boarders, no relaxation of the above rules will be permitted.
    * Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited.
    * Hostel dues will be collected at the time of Hostel admission.