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National Service Scheme (N.S.S):-

National service scheme has been working since 1983 in the college now it has two boys Units and one Girls’ Unit each consisting 50 members.

The aims and objectives of NSS are;-

* To develop character, comradeship ideals of service and arouse a sense of involvement in task of national development and reconstruction.

* To enable the students to acquire work experience which would help them to seek and secure avenues of self employment or Co-operative employment when they enter into after students’ career.

* To develop discipline within and abroad the campus and in the adopted villages by organizing special and normal camps.

* Enrolment to the NSS is through interview.

* Once enrolled, a student will ordinarily continue as member off the NSS till the end of the session unless his/her membership is cancelled on the grounds of : (i) Indiscipline, (ii) Irregularity, (iii) Gross Misconduct.

* Every student enrolled to NSS has to attend a minimum of two hours programme twice during a week. Attendance at the programme is recorded.

* Besides the bi-weekly programmes, a student belonging to NSS may be required to attend two annual camps.

* Depending on the availability of Govt. University grants, light refereshment is provided to the students at the bi-weekly programme.

* The NSS committee of the college is composed of

(a) Chairman – Principal (Ex Officio)

(b) Programme Officer- NSS (3 Units)

(c) Three Members from teaching staff (Ex-Programme Officer)

(d) Student leaders of NSS- One leader from each Unit to be nominated by the respective Orricer-in-charge. The senior most officer of NSS will act as the Secretary of the NSS committee & maintain accounts.

* Student enrolled in NSS are subject to

(a) Such rules as are recommended by the Education Commission, University and the Government

(b) Such rules, order and disciplinary measures as are prescribed by the NSS officers and the Principal from time to time.